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Author: gill cleeren Created: 9/28/2007
Visug news

Visug launches TechDays 2010 action: Sticker Visug where you can!
By gill cleeren on 3/23/2010

More information here:

New session announced: Reactive Extensions for .NET (RX) (level 300)
By gill cleeren on 3/21/2010

Bart De Smet will talk on Reactive Extensions for .NET on April 6th. The event will take place at the Microsoft offices on April 6th.

Nerd dinner with Scott Hanselman
By gill cleeren on 3/3/2010

On April 1st, we are doing our first Nerd Dinner... With Scott Hanselman!

Registration is open now.

Brian Noyes session confirmed!
By gill cleeren on 2/15/2010

You can register now for the Brian Noyes session!

Visug is now on Twitter
By gill cleeren on 2/2/2010

Visug has started a Twitter account. Follow us @visug.

In the coming days, we'll be giving away a cool prize to one of our followers!

Welcome to VISUG 2010: let's start with 3 new sessions
By gill cleeren on 1/14/2010

We just added our first sessions for the new year. Take a look and register quickly if you want to attend!

Brian Noyes is coming: make your selection for your session of choice!
By gill cleeren on 1/14/2010

Brian Noyes is coming to Visug in March. He offered us the selection between 5 sessions.

Make your choice in our poll here:

Location for the F# event added
By gill cleeren on 12/11/2009

We just updated the F# event, it will take place at the offices of AE in Leuven (Interleuvenlaan 27b 3001 Heverlee)

Winners of the Scott Guthrie event
By gill cleeren on 12/11/2009

Thanks to our sponsors, we had some great prices to give away during the Scott Guthrie event. Here are the winners:

- Stijn Peeters: Telerik components
- Sander Versluys: DevExpress
- Bart Strubbe: ReSharper
- Rutten Marij: ReShaprer
- Hans De Smedt: DotTrace
- Braun Michaƫl: DotTrace

Slides Dino Esposito online
By gill cleeren on 10/20/2009

Here are the slides for the Dino Esposito session.

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