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The new wave in the Microsoft development technologies approach
Kurt Claeys

TechEd was a great conference, …. But I decided to update the session title to “The new wave in the Microsoft development technologies approach.”
Why … ? Another (more recent) Microsoft conference called Connect() revealed much more about the roadmap and announced some new waves in the future of Microsoft development technologies.

In this session I’ll share some important elements in this new wave :
- DevOps : Tearing down the wall between you and your ITPro peers, let’s have a look at the Microsoft Release Management tooling.
- Mobile Apps beyond the Windows platforms, … how to build iOS and Android apps with Xamarin or Cordova.
- The evolution of our beloved language, … what’s new in C# 6.0 .?
- Duh, … open Sourcing .NET, … really ?
- The free Visual Studio Community 2013 SKU. (What’s a SKU anyway ?)
- A preview of Visual Studio 2015 and Visual Studio Online features.
- Building Office Apps with the 0365 API’s
- This train called Azure is going faster and faster, … don’t miss it !

About the speaker

Kurt Claeys is a freelance software consultant ( with focus on Cloud and Mobile App development.