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ServiceStack & Nancy: can they be of service?
Hannes Lowette

With more devices and frameworks being used in the front end of applications, the need for service layers that can handle multiple formats of data grows. Having a service layer that can cater to these needs with minimal effort will greatly affect the productivity of a development team, so choosing the right one is more important than ever. In this session, Hannes explores ServiceStack and Nancy, two service frameworks. The goal is to highlight differences, similarities, advantages and drawbacks in the light of the well-known technologies like WCF, WebAPI and even MVC. ServiceStack and Nancy both strive to offer a developer-friendly alternative to some of these Microsoft-built technologies while relying as little as possible on the Microsoft stack.

About the speaker

Hannes is a developer, a coach and a father of 3.

In his role as a .NET consultant at Axxes, he likes performance, databases, distributed systems and large scale apps. But most of all, he likes playing devil’s advocate in technical discussions by playing the ‘it depends’ card. Over the last few years, he has spent a considerable amount of time at an IoT company that builds a smart metering and home automation system. His focus there was the stability and performance of their backend system.

In his free time, when he’s not building LEGO® castles with his kids, he likes to spend time building guitars, playing poker, tasting whisky and doing all round geeky stuff.