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The Microsoft Compiler Platform (Roslyn). An overview.
Johnny Hooyberghs

What is the Microsoft Compiler Platform, why was it created and who might find it useful.
This talk will contain an overview of the following features together with loads of code samples.

  • New C# 6 language features.
  • Compiler API, working with syntax, semantics and the Visual Studio Workspace.
  • Diagnostics and code fixes.
  • Analyzers and NuGet.

Code samples:

About the speaker

Johnny Hooyberghs is a .NET Developer and Trainer at Involved-It and teaches programming in .NET and C# for the adult education institute CVO Antwerpen since 2010.
He has been passionate about .NET ever since it was released in 2002. His areas of expertise are C# as a programming language, WPF, WCF and ALM using the Microsoft Stack.