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Learn how to become a Visual Studio 2015 Jedi Master
Christos Matskas

Do you spend most of your day working in Visual Studio? Do you feel that you know all there is to know about it? Would you like to learn how to unlock some of its hidden features in order to boost your productivity and code more efficiently? Visual Studio's powerful IDE comes crammed with numerous features that can surprise and amaze you. The new version, Visual Studio 2015, has even more cool features up its sleeve. Join Christos Matskas as he showcases some invaluable tips and tricks to help you become a Visual Studio 2015 Jedi Master.

About the speaker

Christos Matskas has been working as a software developer for the last 11 years. He is an entrepreneur, founder and CEO of SoftwareLounge, a software consultancy firm, and co-founder of TowzieTyke an application development powerhouse. His portfolio includes collaborations with some great companies such as MarkIT, Lockheed Martin and Barclays. Over the years he has worked on a numerous exciting projects from mobile applications to data crunching back-end solutions. His blog,, is full with useful tutorials, tips and tricks and reviews about software development and tools. Christos also contributes to Open Source and is a regular speaker at conferences and user groups talking about .NET, the Cloud, mobile applications and software development in general (.NETFringe, DevWeek, MDevCon, SwanseaCon)
Twitter: christosmatskas