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Xamarin - Exploring XLabs
Kenny Cornelissen and Roel Charita

In this session we will build a mobile application (iOS/Android) using Xamarin Forms.
We will make use of the latest version of XLabs (also known as Xamarin Forms Labs) to build an app that is very maintainable, scalable and extensible.
The built-in MVVM framework allows you to build future proof apps which can be expanded to multiple platforms with minimal effort.

This session covers how to set this up from scratch, apply bindings, use IOC and make use of a simple WebAPI.


About the speaker

Kenny Cornelissen and Roel Charita are both co-founders of Kenze, a company specialized in making customers happy with technology.
As a Microsoft Silver Partner and Xamarin Authorized Consulting Partner, the focus of Kenze is delivering software running in the cloud and on mobile devices.
Kenny and Roel know each other almost 15 years and have shared a similar career evolution. Both specialized in different areas of technical expertise, they have complementary knowledge that lead to the right solutions to complex problems.

Kenny Cornelissen
With the start of the Windows 8 platform and Azure, Kenny was one of the app heroes who created a Windows 8 app for the 24h Jump Rope World Record attempt. Using the Azure platform, 8 countries could be managed and served at the same time.
As a .NET team lead, Kenny is focused on building applications using the right technology. On a regular basis, he also gives training in different .NET topics covering windows, web and mobile solutions.
Kenny is a guy from the eighties, lives in Stabroek (also referred to as ‘the parking around Antwerp’) and uses a Hummer as a skateboard, and a skateboard for breakfast. Warning: Do not mess with the code from this guy ;-)

Roel Charita
At the rate new technologies and platforms arrive it is hard to keep up and know how they should be used for a consistent and recognizable approach. As a technical architect, Roel likes to focus on the reasons behind why a certain technology should (or should not) be used and in what combination.
Based on sound and accepted theoretical concepts, Roel has implemented methodologies and frameworks within Kenze that have been used successfully in almost all of their projects. He strongly believes in staying hands-on to allow continued refining and expansion of the concepts incorporated in a methodology and framework – it needs to be a productive tool leading to qualitative results.
Roel is also a guy from the eighties, lives in Schilde, is married and has 2 kids. Having a breakfast is merely an illusion ;-)