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The Perfect Problem Breakthrough
Yves Hanoulle & Erik Talboom

In today's fast-changing environments, you face an increasingly tense need to get things
done fast with a high level of collaboration and yet people around you simply don't step up and take
responsibility. Thanks to field research around responsible behavior, conducted the last 25 years on the
front-lines of leadership, CEO's, managers and coaches world-wide, execution times are slashing while
fundamentally increasing sanity, happiness and profitability.
In this highly interactive session Erik and Yves will provide insights on how to use Christopher Avery's
Responsibility Process in the context of handling problems and thus change. They will explain you the 3
key's to responsibility and how to gain control/power of the situation at hand in order to be able to face
any kind of problem as it arises. You will leave this session with a framework to understand why people
act the way they act and be better equipped to stand in the heat of pressure, without losing your own
Be warned! When going to this session you will never look at the world in the same way again.

About the speaker

Yves Hanoulle

Yves Hanoulle has taken on almost every role in the software development field. From software support, over developer, trainer, scrummaster to agile project manager. The last 10 years, Yves is focussing on agile coaching. Yves grows community builders. His personal goal is to make his customer independent from him as soon as possible. Yves is the inventor of the Who is agile series of books and the co-inventor of the leadership game. Although he co-invented PairCoaching & CoachRetreat, Yves is not interested in being a rockstar coach inventing new methodologies, he rather wants to mix existing ideas like a thoughtjockey DJ adjusting to the needs of the audience.

Erik Talboom

Erik Talboom: teacher, bachelor in the Applied Computer Sciences, professional scrum master/developer, certified LeSS practitioner, certified scrum product owner, certified scrum master, Red belt collaboration architect but above all... a human being, passionate about his fellow humans and their struggles.