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Behavioural testing of RESTful services
Jochen Zeischka

During this talk, we’re going to question traditional unit testing. The goal is to obtain a set of unit tests, which test as much of your software as possible and become an important asset for producing high quality code while helping you to understand your own code. We’re going to question the scope of our tests, the general structure of our code and look into developing our little domain language to help us write consistent, maintainable tests. How do we separate our service logic from ever-changing technology and what is the ROI of our test infrastructure? Those are the kind of questions we’re going to ask.

About the speaker

Jochen studied mechanical engineering and started his professional career developing numerical models in C++. The emerging world of .Net and a passion for software development initiated a career shift into the IT-world. Now, a decade later, this passion for software development and software architecture is still alive and kicking. His love for cloud related technologies can be taken quite literally, he’s a triple Belgian hang gliding champion (2010-2012 ).