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The Goodness of Web Components NOW!
Roland Guijt

Event hosted by Tobania.

A web component is like a custom control or widget that can be reused and is encapsulated in the browser using it's own isolated CSS and javascript. Sometime in the future web components will be supported by every browser. Until then, we can already use them in every browser! Polyfills and Polymer are build on top of the web components standard. I will introduce you to web components by showing you with demos what web components are made of natively after which you'll learn the ins and outs of Polymer.

Join me to change your perspective on how web development should be done. You'll leave with enough options to not recreate all parts of your next web project from scatch but reuse existing building blocks as much as possible using the most powerful invention since the http request: web components.

About the speaker

Roland is a passionate developer, architect, international speaker, Pluralsight author and trainer (MCT) for many years now. Disciplines are all of .Net, javascript + libraries and enterprise development.