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Securing ASP.NET, one acronym at a time
Wesley Cabus

In the IT world, we sure do love our acronyms. And when we talk about security, there are plenty of acronyms to choose from: CORS, CSP, CSRF, HSTS, XSS, …
You, as a web developer, should know as many of these acronyms as you can and also know how to harden your application against vulnerabilities or how to configure your application to be more secure. 

In this session, I’ll explain what these acronyms are, show you the damage they can do or how they shield your application from harm, and how you can implement them in ASP.NET 4.

About the speaker

Wesley builds web applications using the ASP.NET stack and Angular as a consultant. He's a Lead Developer .NET and a member of the Microsoft Community at Realdolmen, and coaches the junior developers by teaching them .NET/C# and ASP.NET.