Passed event

Session sandwich: Xamarin and Windows 10
Nico Vermeir, Dennie Declercq

We are again hosting an evening with 2 45 minute sessions. We have the following talks lined-up:

Making apps for people with a disability with Xamarin (Dennie Declerq)
Making apps for people with a disability with Xamarin tells you about making apps for people with an intellectual disability. Former, people thought people with an intellectual disability cannot read, thus a smartphone isn’t really realistic for them. But nonprofits and startups started to explore this userbase and found out a way of apps people with an intellectual disability can use. 
Why is this important?  Well there are two big reasons: first of all: If people with an intellectual disability can use your app, they can get info about their life-situation and that empowers quality of life. Smartphones by example uses Text-To-Speech and principal the need to “can read” isn’t there anymore. 
For you as developer or startup there’s also a big benefit of apps for these people: nearly every market is discovered for mobile apps. Every market has big concurrency. But the market of apps for people with a disability is quite less discovered, so if you are good, you can rule a hole market!


What's new for developers in Windows 10 Anniversary Update (Nico Vermeir)
After being out in the open, the second big Windows 10 update has arrived. It delivers tons of bug fixes, performance improvements, features and, most importantly, new stuff for us developers to use! In this talk we'll take a lap around the updated SDK to find out what's new in the Anniversary Update.

About the speakers

Nico Vermeir is a Microsoft MVP in the field of Windows Development. He works as a Lead Mobile developer at RealDolmen Belgium since 2010. He spends a lot of time on keeping up with the rapid changing world of technology, loves talking about and using the newest and experimental technologies, especially in the mobile world.
He also runs a mobile focussed user group called MADN.

Twitter: nicovermeir

Dennie Declercq is the founder of VZW (nonprofit) DDSoft. He's obsessed with making software and apps for people with a disability. He works as volunteer in VZW (nonprofit) Ithaka where he writes software for people with a mental disability, and has now his own nonprofit DDSoft. You can find DDSoft nonprofit at
Twitter: denniedeclercq