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Marten, a document database and event-store for .NET
Tim Cools

Marten is an open-source library which delivers a document database and event-store for .NET based on PostgreSQL. PostgreSQL is a reliable open-source database under development since 1987. It supports several persistence models in a single database system. Marten delivers both a document database and event-store for .NET as a lightweight layer on top of PostgreSQL. You learn in which situations Marten can help you developing modern software system. 

About the speaker

Tim Cools is an independent software development consultant. He is passionate about building high performance systems, code quality and data storage. Has designed and built successful web and back-end systems for over 16 years in various domains including logistics, industry, energy and smart homes. He is contributor of Marten, an open source document database and event-store based on PostgreSQL for .NET.