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xUnit in practice
Ken Bonny

For years, I had the nagging feeling in the back of my mind that my code was full of bugs, but I just didn't see them. Often I was proven right after end users reported them. When I learned that there is a technique called Test Driven Development (TDD) that verifies the behavior of my code, I adopted it gradually and my code has improved immensely.<br />&nbsp;<br />Together with the xUnit test framework, I will guide you through the most common practices and patterns that are used to write easily testable code. I will demonstrate every technique in a small demo project that also highlights the best features of xUnit.<br />

About the speaker

Ken has experience building enterprise software, such as the projects he did for Electrabel (energy), Riziv (government) and Selor (government). He used services to let different applications communicate in a distributed computing environment.
In between these bigger projects, Ken developed smaller software packages for customers such as Rutgers (chemistry) and Samsung (production). These ranged from standalone software to small applications that route data between different systems.
When Ken is not learning about programming, he likes playing RPG's and shooter games. As he is a firm believer of a healthy mind in a healthy body, he trains the martial art of Krav Maga to get all stress out of his system.