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2x 60min: Effective Prototyping and GraphQL
Robin Vercammen, Rik Van Camp

We're kicking off the fall of 2017 with an evening with two 60 min sessions!

Efficient data fetching using ASP.NET core, GraphQL
Why do we build REST endpoints on an API? Is it still the way to go for your client? Most of the applications I’ve build are ’tightly’ coupled to their backend. So why go through the same boilerplate endpoint definitions time after time? Join me in welcoming GraphQL to the playground. GraphQL's  ‘query language’ allows our client to communicate to a GraphQL API over web protocols (HTTP, ws) while fetching content from any data source. Discover with me how we build a GraphQL API in .NET core, examine how data is retrieved, and display it in a single page application.
Speaker: Robin Vercammen

Total project control with Agile Prototyping
In this session, you'll learn how Agile Prototyping can help you in gaining control over your software project and make the experience of building software more fun for you and your client.
Despite SCRUM being an excellent way of working, we still weren't happy with the amount of feedback we were getting when demoing our finished software. You know, the kind of unwelcome feedback that hurt your project budget and makes your development team cry.

To solve this problem once and for all we introduced the concept of Agile Prototyping into our project approach.
We took Prototyping, a technique from the world of User-Centered Design, and used it to dramatically speed up the feedback loop of our software projects.
Speaker: Rik Van Camp

!!! Location is not the regular Involved location !!! 

First building on your right, just after Quick, when entering Veldkant. Parking is provided in front of the building

About the speakers

Robin is a Software Engineer at Involved-IT ( He is a jack-of-all-trades who fell in love with software development many years ago. Everything related to .NET and JavaScript is his area of expertise. He loves software projects with a no-nonsense approach.

Rik is Managing Partner at Involved-IT ( A Belgian Software Development company. Despite running a business, he finds the time to manage software projects and take on the role of UX-Expert.
Twitter: rikvancamp