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Motivating yourself and others
Luk Weyens

Have you ever been unexpectedly burned out by a project you're working on? Did you get bored by it? Do you feel pressured to start working on something?
We'll start this talk off, by taking a look at different kinds of motivators, how these interact with one another and how you can identify your own motivators. We'll take a look at how motivation works and how we can be aware and leverage this process to get more energy out of our own motivation.
Next up we'll discuss John, John is a co-worker of ours, and is very close minded. We'll walk along John's path and try to get him out of his comfort zone, and allow him to grow and develop his skills (both soft and technical).
At the end of this talk, you should have some food for thought, and a toolset to get started on improving yourself and your collaboration with others.

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About the speaker

I'm a software developer, working for Prato ( I get excited by complex functional domains and transforming those concepts in understandable models. Agile and Lean principles are a major source of inspiration and presents something to strive for everyday. 
When not at work, I'm usually getting psyched over boardgames, playing the guitar, or tending my garden.