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Using Kubernetes on Azure to run containerized .NET Core applications to scale
Jan Wielemans

Kubernetes is an important player in the field of container orchestration. If you are using Azure Container Services or Google Container Engine then your containers are orchestrated by Kubernetes. But what exaclty is a container orchestrator and what are the benefits of unsinng one? In this session we will build a containerized .NET Core application, set up a Kubernetes cluster in Azure and deploy, scale and monitor the application.

About the speaker

Jan is the Lead Software Architect at Involved-IT. He started his career as an Industrial Engineer in the world of Industrial Automation. Later on he moved to Software Development and is using the .NET framework right from its early days. As an experienced Software Architect he is up-to-date with many modern Microsoft and Open Source technologies and assists his clients in the domains of Development Methodology, ALM and Software Architecture.