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Releasing features at the flick of a switch
Dimitri Holsteens

Time to market and customer satisfaction have become crucial factors driving the release schedules of software. As software developers we need to be able to push out new features faster than ever before. However, we need to be able to this in a way which doesn't compromise the quality of the software.

Feature flags are a great technique for separating out deployment from feature adoption and allow us to gradually roll new features into production in stead of going for a big-bang release.

In this session, we'll look at what feature flags are (and what they are not), how they can be architected into our software, the scenario's they'll open up for rolling out software and which risks and drawbacks should be considered.

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About the speaker

Dimitri is a developer, coach and loves solvings problems. In his over 17 years of software consulting, he has helped numerous customers in building enterprise business solutions. Strongly rooted in the Microsoft technology stack, he has been helping teams to build scalable and robust distributed systems.