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Say hello to my little friend
Tom Kerkhove

Last summer the second generation of Kinect for Windows was released but the big question is – “What has changed for developers and what are the new features?”

In this session we will take a look at the new Kinect for Windows sensor, compare it with the first generation and show you some concepts & existing projects. Next, you will discover how easily you can retrieve, visualise & use the sensor’s data in your application.

Level: 200/300

About the speaker

Tom Kerkhove is an Integration Professional at Codit, mind behind the “Kinecting for Windows” blog, Kinect for Windows MVP and ex-Microsoft Student Partner.

He has been working with Kinect since the release of its first Beta version and gave a presentation about the pitfalls of implementing gestures to the Belgian Silverlight User Group in the fall of 2011. Ever since, he has been passionate
about Kinect and its – many yet to be discovered – possibilities.
It is Tom’s mission to convince companies to see more application scenarios to Kinect beyond gaming, such as using the sensor in production environments & cloud scenarios - or as he likes to call it - ‘Kinecting the cloud’.
Next to Kinect, Tom is also a big Microsoft Azure & Integration enthusiast.