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Down the rabbit hole: non-nullable reference types

Imagine a wonderland where reference types aren't implicitly 'nullable'... Somewhere where you explicitly need to define them as nullable, just like you do with value types. Imagine no unnecessary null-checks, while getting warnings in your IDE where you should check for nulls. No more NullReferenceExceptions!

Since C# 8 you can opt-in for this utopian experience!

Let's go down the rabbit hole of the non-nullable reference types and discover all of its goodness. It's more than just adding a '?' here or a '!' there.

Pieter Nijs

Pieter is a Belgian .NET Developer with a passion for mobile and cloud development. He has played a key role in several projects ranging from large consumer facing healthcare, telecom and media apps to smaller LOB applications. As Mobile Development Expert at Xpirit Belgium he loves helping customers implementing mobile first and cloud first applications. Pieter is primarily interested in the Microsoft stack so his interest and expertise translate to technologies like .NET, C#, Xaml, Xamarin, UWP, Azure, Azure DevOps, … Both at work as well as in his spare time, Pieter is constantly working and playing with these and other new technologies. He likes to tell everybody about the things he does, sharing his knowledge. Hence you can find him speaking at conferences, giving trainings and blogging at Since 2017 Pieter has been awarded with a Microsoft MVP Award in the Windows Development category for sharing his passion and expertise with the community.


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