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From zero to F5 in less than 5 minutes

So you want to get started with this open source project, in a language you’ve never coded in, using tools you didn’t know exist. How long does it take you to set up your development environment, get all the dependencies and be able to hit F5 to run it? In this session we’ll dive into Dev Containers and GitHub Codespaces and how they can help you get to F5 in less than 5 minutes.

Nick Trogh

Nick Trogh is a Developer Audience PMM at Microsoft where he’s working with developers to guide them on the path towards Azure ninja status. You can talk to him about Azure, AI, and all things development. Aside from his passion for technology, he’s striving to make the technology industry a more diverse and inclusive place. Where did all this start? He got a TRS-80 computer at the age of 11 and hardly ever spent a day without a keyboard ever since.


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