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War stories from .NET team

Expect deep dive into a few interesting investigations we faced on .NET team in the last decade.

War stories about:

• Investigations spanning years,

• Dormant bugs coming to life after a decade,

• Root-causes leading to surprising places,

• How we rooted-cause problems with minimal information available,

• Shocking impact of bugs on real world.

We will also cover:

• Root-causing HW bugs (avoid the one-machine problem),

• The value and art of minimal repro,

• Innovation and compatibility - the age-old rivals.

Karel Zikmund

Karel is on .NET team since 2005:

• Started as developer on Runtime/CLR components (7 years).

• Manager of reliability and performance team (incl. Quick Response Team) (3 years).

• Manager of .NET Native toolchain team (1 year).

• Community manager of CoreFX repo and Manager of a few CoreFX/BCL areas like Networking (3 years).

• Manager of Networking team (since 2019).



Pedal to the Metal: Update Performance Improvements in Entity Framework Core 7.0

In this talk we'll explore some of the exciting performance optimizations introduced in the recently-released Entity Framework Core 7.0. We'll dive under the hood to see how EF works hard to eliminate unneeded network roundtrips when saving your data, and introduce new, user-friendly APIS optimized for database bulk operations.

Shay Rojansky

Principal software engineer at Microsoft, working on .NET data access, Entity Framework and perf. Lead dev of Npgsql, the PostgreSQL provider.


Practical information

Location: Team4Talent, Houtdok-Noordkaai 12, 2030 Antwerpen


  • 18u: Food
  • 18u30: War stories from .NET team - Karel Zikmund
  • 19u30: Break
  • 19u45: Pedal to the Metal: Update Performance Improvements in Entity Framework Core 7.0 - Shay Rojansky
  • 20u45: networking
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