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AllPhi welcomes us to their Lightning Talks evening in Kinepolis Antwerp! These sessions are in Dutch!


Experiencing Team Flow

You will experience the effects of team flow in this non-technical workshop.

We will be running a few interactive simulations on team organisation and the effect this has on the total flow of work.

Topics we will certainly address:

- Why would we prefer T-shaped team members?

- How can swarming help?

- Why would you deliberately limit work in progress?

- Why is it that we have trouble estimating when work will be done?

Michel Grootjans

Michel Grootjans has been programming since the age of 12. He has programmed strange machines like the TI 99-4A, the Atari 2600, Mac128, HP28, Apple II, Siemens PLC's, using languages like Basic, Pascal, C, HyperTalk, Assembler, ... along the way.

His professional experiences include building enterprise applications for retail, media, government, chemical plants, telecom, HR, insurance, ... in javascript, C#, java and, ruby.

He helps teams with continuous improvement, focusing on outcomes over output.

Feature Flags -

Feature Flags - wat is het en hoe, waar, en wanneer gebruik je het?

En waarom zou je het zelf programmeren, als er degelijke systemen zoals bestaan?

Michiel Mijnhardt

Been working as a .NET Consultant for AllPhi after a VDAB training since 2017.

AI & the obsolete developer

Is the AI revolution making developers obsolete? Or will it enhance a developers live?

Ben Luts

I started my career as a consultant in telecom, monitoring Belgian Railways GSM-R network & the Tetra network of the Belgian Federal Police.

After just over a year I realized I missed coding & I became a .NET Developer for a small web agency. Going from ASP.NET Webforms to MVC, from jumping hoops moving from dotNet Framework 2.0 to 3.5 to 4.x to Core. 11 Years later I felt it was time for another change and I jumped back into consultancy, but as a dotNet developer this time round.

Now in my 5th year working for AllPhi, I became consultant coach. Relaying my experiences to our consultants.


Practical information

Location: Kinepolis, Groenendaallaan 394, 2030 Antwerpen

Sessions are in Dutch.


  • 17u30: welcome with walking dinner in the Stars lounge
  • 19u: Experiencing Team Flow - Michel Grootjans
  • 20u15: break
  • 20u45: Feature Flags - - Michiel Mijnhardt
  • 21u15: AI & the obsolete developer - Ben Luts
  • 21u45: Networking drink
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