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The future of C#

In this deep-dive session, we'll have a look at what's in store for C# 12.0 and beyond. First, we'll explore the features that are currently available in Preview builds, including primary constructors, default lambda parameters, better type aliases, inline arrays, and interceptors. Next, we'll have a peek at features that are currently under active design and development, including collection literals, semi-automatic properties, params Span<T>, and a new way to extend existing types using a feature called "extensions" (previously known as "roles" or "shapes").

Bart De Smet

Originally from Belgium, Bart relocated to work at the Microsoft headquarters in 2007 after graduating from Ghent University while being a C# MVP. After having worked on WPF and .NET for a few years, Bart focused on reactive programming for quite some time, helping to build Reactive Extensions (Rx) and large scale event processing systems powering various cloud services. After a brief stint in AutoML focusing on Python performance tuning, Bart is now focusing on building next generation distributed systems in the office of the CTO.

Practical information

Location: Spoor 18, Stationsstraat 55, 2800 Mechelen


  • 18u00: Welcome with catering
  • 18u30 - 19u15: The future of C# (part 1)
  • 19u15 - 19u30: break
  • 19u30 - 20u15: The future of C# (part 2)
  • 20u15 - ...: Networking
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