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Unleashing the power of ApiOps on Azure Api Management

In the fast-paced world of API development, ensuring the quality and efficiency of API design, development, and deployment can be a complex undertaking.

APIOps, an methodology that combines the principles of GitOps and DevOps, offers a powerful approach to streamline the API lifecycle management process on Azure Api Management.

key takeaway

  • Understand the core principles and benefits of APIOps,
  • Explore the key features of Azure API Management and learn how to leverage them.
  • Discover the role of ApiOps in streamlining API lifecycle management on Azure API Management.
  • Gain practical insights through live demonstrations.
  • Foster a culture of collaboration, automation, and continuous improvement to drive API excellence.
Ben Verlinden

Ben is a Senior Consultant and Competence Lead DevOps at Ordina, specializing in Azure cloud and DevOps. His addiction to Azure and the Microsoft stack drives him to continually explore and innovate, while his devotion to DevOps enables organizations to embrace collaborative practices that lead to transformative outcomes.

Property based testing in C#

In traditional unit testing, a test consists of an example input that is fed to the system under test, followed by an assertion that the output is what we expect. The challenge then is to come up with good test data. Did we provide good test input? Did we cover all edge cases? Are we sure our code is now bug free?

Let's remove all the doubt by looking at another way to test using property-based testing. In this session I show you how to start with property-based testing in C#, why it is a great way to find edge cases and how it can help you to understand and test the behavior of your code under all conditions.

Bart Wullems

Bart is a passionate Application Architect, who believes software will save the world. Bart has a strong focus on evolutionary design, reuse, automation and application lifecycle management. He is always looking for technical challenges.

Practical information

Location: Ordina, Blarenberg 3b, 2800 Mechelen


  • 18h: Welcome with food
  • 18h30: Session 1
  • 19u30: Break
  • 19u45: Session 2
  • 20u45: Networking
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