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Is security an after-thought in your development workflow?

Security is commonly an after-thought in software development. But should that really be the case? What if we could be confident in the dependencies we're using, easily test our code within our development lifecycle and identify secrets before they're leaked in our source code?

Join Chris as he discusses how you can bring security into your lifecycle, and not make it an after-thought!

Chris Reddington

Chris is a passionate developer advocate and Senior Manager at GitHub. Leading a team of advocates, he empowers execs, engineering leads, and teams from the smallest of startups to established enterprises, helping them ❤️ GitHub and unlock their software engineering potential.

With an extensive background as a Cloud Solution Architect and FastTrack for Azure's DevOps practice lead at Microsoft, Chris has collaborated with Azure Engineering Teams, and guided developers, data scientists, system admins, and tech execs worldwide on cloud adoption and cutting-edge software development practices globally.

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