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AI in Development workflows

How can AI make the life of a developer easier? What are the tools available now and how can we use them.

Angelo Dejaeghere

Started as .net developer almost 20 years ago. today i am working as a .Net Architect / coach with Noest

Build your own Copilot with Semantic Kernel

The Semantic Kernel is an open-source SDK backed by Microsoft that seamlessly integrates Large Language Models such as OpenAI and Azure OpenAI with programming languages like C#. It allows users to use natural language input within Large Language Models, such as OpenAI's GPT models, to seamlessly invoke and interact with your custom code.

Every Copilot of Microsoft consists of an orchestration that combines AI models and plugins to create a brand-new experience for users. With Semantic Kernel, you can leverage the same AI orchestration patterns that power Microsoft's Copilots in your own apps. Join this session to explore the use of the Semantic Kernel for developing your own Copilot.

Stijn Castelyns

I am an IT trainer working at U2U focusing on full-stack development in ASP.NET Core as well as Azure AI development.


Practical information

Location: NOEST - De Kien, Nijverheidskaai 3, Kortrijk


  • 18u: Welcome with drinks and bites
  • 18u30: AI in Development workflows - Angelo Dejaeghere
  • 19u15: Break
  • 19u30: Build your own Copilot with Semantic Kernel – Stijn Castelyns
  • 20u30: Q&A & Networking
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