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Microfrontends: a story of modular applications & cross-functional teams

When multiple teams work together on the same product, a problem often arises in communication. How can these teams deliver working software without getting in each other's way? The solution may well lie with multidisciplinary agile teams, but for this, a modular software architecture is essential...

In this presentation, Dante De Ruwe will take you on a dive into the wonderful world of microfrontend architecture. We'll explore what microfrontends are, how they came to be and why they're useful, as well as how to build them in practice and what choices you have to tailor them to your use case. As icing on the cake, we will use live code demos to find out how you can implement a microfrontend application in.NET Blazor or React.

Dante De Ruwe

Dante is a technical consultant and full-stack software developer. His passion is designing and building software solutions, mainly with C# and .NET. He is fascinated by software architecture, clean code, and software craftsmanship.

While being mainly interested in backend development, his international internship in Munich taught him a lot about frontend software engineering. In close collaboration with his mentor, he wrote his thesis about the microfrontend architecture pattern and building scalable modular frontend applications with Blazor. Next to that, he wrote some technical articles that were well-received in the broader developer community.


Tales from the trenches: Building a web / mobile hybrid

Some time ago have build an application for both web and mobile, using as much code sharing as possible between Xamarin.Forms and Blazor WASM.

Come learn about our successes, our failures and how different things would've been if we would have done this today, with MAUI.

Nico Vermeir

Nico Vermeir is an application architect at Inetum-Realdolmen in Belgium since 2010, where he has a strong focus on building and architecting modern applications.

Being a strong believer in the importance of communities he tries to share knowledge wherever he can, be it on Twitter, at a user group or conference. He has spoken on many international conferences such as NDC Sydney, NDC London, Swetugg, Build Stuff, DotNext.

Nico is a Microsoft MVP in Developer Technologies, crew member of Techorama BE and NL and crew member of VISUG, Belgium's largest .NET user group.

In his spare time he enjoys brewing (and tasting) beer, playing the guitar, riding his Harley-Davidson and doing Karate.


Practical information

Location: AE, Interleuvenlaan 27b, 3001 Heverlee

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