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15/10/2019 - Cancelled


These songs would make some great code comments

Besides being useful, comments in source code can also be fun! This legendary StackOverflow post tells me that sometimes a well-chosen joke put into source code can lighten the mood at work and make your developer life just a bit better.

Now, because I am both a developer and a musician, I tend to use song lyrics to lighten up my code. So in this Ignite talk, I’ll demonstrate this by showing a few typical code fragments that could use some musical quality. And of course I’ll perform bits of the songs that go with it.

So are you in for a light-hearted talk on code comments - slash - a mini-concert featuring songs by Coldplay, Oasis, Adam Lambert, Imagine Dragons and many more? Please join in and feel free to sing along!

Hanno Embregts

Hanno Embregts is a Java Developer, Speaker and Teacher at Info Support (the Netherlands). He has over 11 years experience with both front- and back-end development, with a special interest in automating the software development process to the fullest. He likes his work best when it is fast-paced and versatile, which is why he juggles Java development, public speaking and teaching courses at Info Support’s Knowledge Centre. When Hanno doesn’t have access to any kind of computer - which can only be called the most desperate of times - he plays in a band as a lead singer and guitar player. He is also a passionate fan of alternative rock band Switchfoot and Dutch football club Feyenoord. Last but not least: he has been told off repeatedly for using Star Wars quotes at work (things didn’t improve much by replying “I find your lack of faith disturbing”).


The Soft Side of Software Development

Great to have you at the conference! By now you’ve probably heard about a lot of new tools, and chances are you’re already looking forward to trying them out at work. Then it’s just a simple matter of convincing everyone that the new stuff trumps the old in every way, right?

Turns out just knowing about the latest technical stuff will only get you so far. Your ‘soft skills’ play a vital part in the process of developing a great product. You need to be able to convince people, motivate them, listen to them and treat them with respect. So how do you learn this stuff?

After struggling with this question for a long time I discovered two things: 1) You can learn from your successes, and even more from your failures; 2) You can learn from the way other people handled their situations.

So in this BOF session I’m happy to tell you some of my successes and failures. But I’m also curious about the way you handled your own situations. In fact, just bring your splendid self and a few questions and I’ll do my best to make sure we all learn from it.

Possible topics:

  • Pitching Ideas
  • Dealing With Deadlines
  • Keeping Work/Life Balance
  • Handling Negativity
  • Resolving Conflicts
  • your own