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Blazor: Blazing into the Future of Web Development

It sounds like a dream: Using C# and .NET for both the server- and browser-part of your application. No more JavaScript. Because of the power of Web Assembly this becomes a reality.

You'll experience the advantages of this model in this session. And you will know how to create an application using it. We'll take a look at both hosting models of Blazor using server-side rendering and client-side rendering. I'll explain step-by-step by showing a demo business app.

We'll also look at some more advanced Blazor component features. Things like event propagation, child content, attribute splatting and chained binds. Additionally you'll learn about templated components.

After attending this evening you'll be ready to say goodbye to JavaScript and to write full-stack C# web applications!

You can download the slides here.

Roland Guijt

Roland is a Microsoft MVP, ASP.NET Insider enjoying a constant curiosity around new techniques in software development. His focus is on all things .NET and browser technologies. As a long-time trainer, he led many courses on these topics and spoke about them at international conferences. He also travels around the globe to offer his self-developed workshops and is a popular Pluralsight author. The word that comes to mind when he thinks about software development is passion!


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Location: eMenKa NV, Houtdok-Noordkaai 12, 2030 Antwerpen

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