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Human-readable Tests in .NET with SpecFlow

SpecFlow is a framework to define, manage and execute human-readable tests in .NET projects. It is the ideal tool for when you want to use Behavior Driven Design (BDD). In this session, Kenny Tordeur will mainly focus on the internals of SpecFlow. He will cover the basics so that you have all the technical skills to successfully implement SpecFlow in your test projects.

You can download the slides here.

Kenny Tordeur

I’m a technology enthusiast who is committed to strengthening my existing knowledge and learning new things. I have over 11 years experience and love designing and implementing scalable, high performance software. I’m passionate about software design and always consider the SOLID architectural principles when designing solutions.

I’m primarily a C# .NET developer but am interested in getting involved in all aspects of the development stack, engaging with the wider business and investing time in designing products that go above and beyond end user’ expectations.


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