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Reactive Programming By Example

You might be one of the many people intrigued by Reactive Programming. But how does it work, and more importantly what can you use it for?

This session will try to demystify Reactive Programming through a series of examples in both C# and JavaScript. We’ll skip the theory and steep learning curve and jump right in.

Lander Verhack

Lander Verhack works as a software expert, trainer and strategist at U2U. He focusses on Front-End development in .NET, Web and Mobile Apps. Lander is author of the U2U training material on Angular, Microsoft AI Platform and Xamarin. Lander has a strong passion for technology and enjoys playing music in his spare time.


Peter Himschoot

Peter Himschoot  works as a lead trainer, architect, and strategist at U2U. Peter has a wide interest in software development that includes applications for the web, Windows, and mobile devices. Peter has trained thousands of developers, is a regular speaker at international conferences, and has been involved in many web and mobile development projects as a software architect. Peter is also a Microsoft Regional Director, a group of trusted advisors to the developer and IT professional audiences, and to Microsoft. Also the author of Blazor Revealed.


Practical information

Location: U2U, Z1 Research Park 110, B-1731 Brussels