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Partner in the spotlight: Codit

Partner in the spotlight: Codit

Another month, so another talk with one of our partners. This month, we had a virtual coffee with Massimo Crippa of Codit.

Hi Massimo, can you introduce yourself and explain what’s your role at Codit?

I’m Massimo Crippa, I am the Lead Architect at Codit Belgium. I am responsible to help defining the technological strategy and implement that strategy within Belgium. I work together with the different teams to help designing and building innovative solutions our customers are looking for. I keep the finger on the technology pulse and translate that to our internal teams and our customers.

Can you tell us a bit more about Codit?

Codit is an IT consultancy company that creates intelligent cloud solutions. For this, we design, build and run modern data-driven solutions exclusively on Microsoft Azure PaaS technology.

We offer our customers the complete data journey. We ensure that we can build solutions that connect data, which is the fundamental of any digital initiative. Once that connection is in place, you can do much richer things with it. You have to start thinking about how you can aggregate that data, how you can engineer it, how can you apply APIs to them, how can you strengthen that data even more with IoT, what analyses can you do and how can you allow predictive models on that data. So we actually build solutions that tackle the entire data lifecycle, from connecting to aggregating to analysing to “scientifying” the data. And we do this end-to-end, which means that we advise our customers on this, build projects, but also have people who monitor the projects of the customers 24/7. We are therefore with a 190 employees with currently offices in 8 countries but our customers are worldwide. Our HQ is in Belgium with offices in Ghent and Antwerp, where we have currently have approximately 90 employees.

Codit has been a Visug-sponsor for many years. Why do you sponsor Visug?

Because it is important. As an organization you are never alone. As an employee of Codit you work within an ecosystem of partners, technology suppliers, customers and others. The fact that you work with communities is very important for the sharing of information and that is also something that we have inherently within Codit. It is also one of our values. We have to able to continuously enrich ourselves, look at things from a different angle and be able to be active within the community. Because this gives a much richer and better insights. Our people can be inspired by this partnership, gain different insights and discover new things.It is important that our people participate, but also that they participate actively by giving sessions.

What other values do you see of the Visug (or the community in general) for your employees?

It is actually about lifetime learning. Technology is constantly changing, so it's important to stay to up-to-date. So it is good that there is a platform such as Visug. The combination between technical and non-technical skills can help one to reach a higher level of maturity.

After Corona, if we organize an evening together, what should such an evening look like?

I think we are now in a new normal and that the hybrid approach will stay part of it. For the people who want there will be face-to-face meetings, but there is going to be an extension where people can also join online. I think this is not bad for some people who do not dare to interact and intervene in live events. In that sense I do believe in that intermediate form. At the moment I think everyone is looking forward to having a regular in-person event where you can have a drink with each other and have more informal communication with each other, but I think that we will evolve to that double experience.

Thank you for your time, Massimo!

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