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Partner in the spotlight: Team4Talent

Partner in the spotlight: Team4Talent

For this month’s “Partner in the Spotlight”-interview, I had a pleasant conversation with Bart Van Herck and Tjorven Denorme of Team4Talent.

Can you both introduce yourself and your role at Team4Talent?

Bart: Team4Talent and eMenKa have recently merged and are going forward together as Team4Talent. That’s why Tjorven (formerly from eMenKa) and myself joined this interview, because the name eMenKa may be disappearing, but the people and the concept definitely stays.

Because of the recent fusion, the roles are in the company are switching. I come from the Business Director role at Team4Talent, but now I will go further as account manager. There is my strength, my energy and my drive. But I will keep an eye out and keep challenging everyone where needed.

Tjorven: I will make the reverse step. After 20 years in sales, of which 14 years for eMenKa, where I have always responded and acted towards the customers, I am going now to the recruitment side: finding partnerships, new people (employees on the payroll/ freelancers/…) and so on. So for me, the search for projects will become the search for the right employees.

Can you tell us a bit more about Team4Talent?

Tjorven: I think it is funny that eMenKa and Team4Talent were so similar in the approach towards customers, we are only specialized in .NET, and also towards the employees, how we guide them and how we care about them towards our customers. What we do is exactly what so many do, namely .NET consultancy. What distinguishes us from others is the regional operation. We search for projects for our employees as close as possible to where they live. Our regional operation is also confirmed by our 4 offices spread across Belgium in Kortrijk, Ghent, Hasselt and then the head office in Antwerp. I don’t know if I forget something, Bart?

Bart: I think I can talk for more then an hour about the services we provide. The focus now is mainly staffing (consultancy and permanent recruitment), but because of the fusion of 2 organisations there becomes more space to support the customer in new ways.

As eMenKa you were a partner for one year, now you continue this partnership as Team4Talent. Why do you sponsor Visug?

Tjorven: It is no longer a company, part of a company or an individual that makes the strength, but the community. So the Team4Talent community, where you can always rely on someone from your colleagues. But it is even more interesting to have an even larger community around you.

Bart: What we aim for with our internal community ties in seamlessly with what you are already doing with Visug. We can only make each other stronger and better. And I hope that in the future, we will do that by making offices available, supplying people who can give a session, ...

What value do you see of the community for your employees?

Tjorven: Techorama is the .NET event in Belgium. If you can and are allowed to speak there, that's great, but not everyone dares to do so. A Visug session is on a smaller scale and then the step is smaller to take. This will certainly lower the bar. We hope that we will find more and more people who will want to give sessions.

After Corona, if we organize an evening together, what should such an evening look like?

Tjorven: I’m very curious how that will evolve. I think it will become a hybrid form. Before Corona, if you didn’t come to the event, you missed it. It think that will not be true after Corona. Even a speaker, who doesn’t make it to the venue, can do the session online.

Of course, networking, in-person meeting people, is the added value for those events.

Bart: I can only support that. This is of course from our point of view as a partner. I can imagine that for the attendees there also need to be useful information and not to commercial information during the session, so it is useful for the developer.

Tjorven: I think the work will also become more hybrid.

Thank you Bart and Tjorven for your time!

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