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Improve your thinking to improve your software by Rachel Appel

Developers need logical thought to create robust systems that users love. The problem is that as often as not, their logic fails to help them deliver the software that their users really want and love. Would you like to create a product that people actually love because it's a perfect fit for them? Would you like to avoid common problems and issues while doing so during the development process - problems that cause friction such as dealing with stakeholders, managers, and other employees? Would you like to apply more critical thinking to everyday problems?

Then come to this session, where you'll learn some hardcore examples of how to critically think about developing software solutions and product design, as well as critical thinking in daily life. Learn how to choose a programming language or technology and not let tech religion get in the way. Find out how to gather requirements while avoiding logical fallacies. See how to design products and feature sets with reduced bias so that ALL your customers think "That was made just for me! I love it!" Come to this session to improve your thinking, improve your products, and improve your everything!

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