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Do you want to speak @ VISUG?

So, you’ve got an interesting topic and it’s time to put yourself out there. Well, we welcome everybody, from the first-time speaker to the more experienced one to send in a proposal for a talk. Let’s go through the process: what do you need to do and how we can help.


First, you need a topic. This can be about a new technology, or maybe a relative older one that you’ve been using in a project that you want to showcase, or maybe you want to talk about the soft skills, or project management stuff, or… As you can see, there is a wide range of topics that could be possible. In short, you have an idea, you know what to talk about and how you are going to do it, more or less.

A catchy, explaining title for your talk is what you need. Take enough time for brainstorming with your peers, because the title of your talk is the first thing people will see.

Next, a text, let’s name it the abstract of your talk. Give the people a glimpse of what you are going to talk about, but not too much, we need them to subscribe to your talk because they want to know more.

Last thing you need to prepare beforehand is your biography. Tell us who you are and why you are suitable for giving this talk.


Great, so you’ve got your topic, your title, your abstract and a biography of yourself prepared. Now it’s time to register your session at our “Call for speakers” website. Go to our Call for Speakers powered by You first need to register yourself at this site. After registration you will be presented a form with the following fields:

  • Session title: you’ve prepared this already, no problem.
  • Description: well, that is your abstract, the short summary of your talk.
  • Language: Normally talks are given in English. In the event that everybody speaks and understands Dutch fluently, we can opt to switch to that.
  • Notes: tell us more about this topic, what you will need, when your presentation will be ready, how much time your talk will take, in which region you are able to give the talk, are you going to give the talk together with other people… Anything we need to understand you and your talk better.
  • Speaker name: well, your name of course.
  • Speaker biography: this one you’ve also prepared beforehand.
  • Twitter, LinkedIn, Company Website, Blog: if you have links for us, we’ll take a look at it.
  • Co-speakers: if you are going to give the talk with someone else, we like to have their mail addresses as well. - smart way to manage call for papers, speaker and agenda

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